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How Meditating Can Improve Your Looks

The ample benefits of meditation has been well documented for many centuries. The age old tradition of clearing your mind of negative thoughts has been proven to lift the person's spirits, revitalize a tired mind and most importantly, reduce stress levels.

Studies have even shown that school children who practice a few minutes of meditation in the morning do better in school, are more focused and less easily antagonized by others. It makes perfect sense, since school aged children can often feel the pressures and stress associated with school, homework, peers and teachers.

More recently, however, meditation has been recognized for it's health and beauty benefits. The health part, you likely know. Meditation allows one to put their heart rate and breathing in control. It encourages the use of positive energy and opens both mind and body to wellness and healing. The cosmetic benefits to meditating might be a bit of a surprise to you though.

Sun damage, poor eating habits and an overabundance of stress are all factors that contribute to wrinkled skin. Logically, if too much added stress causes wrinkles, it stands to reason that reducing stress will also reduce wrinkles. This is where the wonders of meditation comes in.

Meditation involves complete relaxation of muscles, mind and body. Scientists have proven that the act of recurring meditation actually stimulates the left prefrontal cortex of the brain, also known as the happy centre. That means that not only does meditating calm the facial muscles, reducing the occurrence of wrinkles, but happy people don't have frowning mouths or crinkled brows which directly increase wrinkles.

While traditional meditation involves sitting perfectly still in the lotus position, and often humming or chanting, the core of meditation is really just about relaxation. Letting go of the negatives, and releasing stress from your mind and body. Perhaps you find your serenity on the water, in the garden or just in an evening stroll. Any activity (or lack of) that allows you to let your mind go on a quiet and restful journey to your happy place is a form of meditation.

An excellent way to begin a meditation routine is to create the aura one needs in a room. An aroma diffuser is a great way to bring calming scents and help release stress. See below for a diffuser option that can bring the essence you may be looking for:

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